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He and his people retreated to Cuba, where he died. His remains were later transferred to San Juan cathedral.

Ponce de león and the Discovery of Florida - Historia del Nuevo Mundo

He slaughtered the French and established the first permanent European colony on the mainland of what would become the United States. Saint Augustine is the oldest city in the continental US.

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The idea of such a fountain goes back for centuries in the Old World. Herodotus placed it in Ethiopia and other authors in India.

Ponce de León lands in Florida

The official document talked of finding gold and said nothing of a reinvigorating fountain, but the two ideas had already become linked. He thought it must be the fountain of youth and drank its water himself. Geographical data and information on flora and fauna were collected. They discovered the Gulf Stream that would later allow an easier and quicker return to Spain from the New World. They returned to Castilla with the news of these new discoveries and requested permission to discover, populate and explore the new lands by being named after Fernando Adelantado from the islands of Florida and Bimini.

Directly from there they organized an expedition in that when arriving in San Juan would disintegrate due to disagreements between Ponce and his captains. He organized a colonizing expedition of about people and 50 horses with peasants, farmers, cattle ranchers who carried their tools, seeds and cattle to populate the new lands.

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In the settlement was moved to a rocky islet at the harbour entrance. History at your fingertips.

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