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Bath: The first English club to win the European Cup in , and the side which dominated English club rugby in the s to mids. Brive: Won the European Cup in ; this French side are on the way back after a dip in fortunes. Gloucester: One of the best supported Guinness Premiership sides, runners-up in , and Powergen Cup winners in , too.

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Leeds Tykes: Yorkshire side which has consolidated its place in the Guinness Premiership. The first back-to-back winners of the European Cup in and and English champions from to London Irish: Reading-based Guinness Premiership side with players drawn from all over the rugby world, despite retaining strong Celtic roots.

London Wasps: Zurich Premiership champions in — blitzing league leaders Gloucester in the final. Twice beaten finalists, twice beaten semi finalists, but their turn should come soon.

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Northampton Saints: Lifted the European Cup in , the one and only major trophy for a side with great support. A ruck ends when the ball emerges from the ruck or when a scrum is ordered by the referee. Maul: O ne or more players from each team on their feet and in physical contact closing around a player who is carrying the ball. A maul ends when the ball is on the ground, a ruck, or the ball or a player carrying it emerges from the maul or when a scrummage is ordered by the referee.

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Scrum: A set piece formed by the front eight players of each team. The ball is thrown into the middle of the group and each team pushes against the other team's assembled eight men to contest for possession of the ball.

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Scrums restart play after certain minor infractions. The scrum ends when one team gains possession of the ball and moves down the field. Lineout: B oth teams line up opposite each other similar to a jump ball in basketball , but one team then throws the ball down the middle of the tunnel. Line-outs restart play after the ball, or a player carrying it, has gone out of bounds.

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  • A rugby team has 15 positions. Each one wears a specific number and has individual responsibilities.

    Forwards: These guys tend to be the heavyweights of the team because they do a lot of the pushing, pulling, and scrambling and use their bulk and strength to win possession of the ball. Scoring: The aim of rugby is to score more points than the opposition. Doing so is worth five points and earns that team the right to attempt a conversion kick. The conversion kick is taken from a spot in line with where the ball was originally grounded, so scoring as close to the posts as possible is best.

    Rugby is governed by laws, not rules. In a nutshell, when a tackle is made in rugby the requirements are that the tackler releases the tackled player, who then releases the ball so that players who are on their feet can use it.

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    Advantage simply means that when one team makes an error the other team can try to capitalize on it, instead of the referee immediately stopping the action. It is also illegal to kick the ball to a teammate that is down-field from the kicker. Kieran Read Scotty Stevenson. My Life and Rugby Autobiography. Rugby Folklore. World Rugby Records. Open Side The Official Autobiography.

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